About Us

RussiaTeleRadio Worldwide (RTRWorldwide) is the distributor of The Russian State Archive (GTRF) throughout the world, excluding Russia. RTRWorldwide is a British owned and based Media Company providing the world with content from over two million items contained in this wonderful archive. Restored and digitised footage, never before seen outside of the Russian Federation will now be easily accessible to the rest of the world via RTR Worldwide’s website and research services.

RTRWorldwide provides a bespoke service to ensure everyone can gain access to the materials they require 

RTRWorldwide provides access to:

The third largest Archive (of any type) in the world
Footage highlights include:

In 1998 the archive was included in the State Register of the most precious objects of the cultural legacy of the people of the Russian Federation by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. It is approximately 20 times larger than other equivalent archives.


To obtain materials or find out more about our services, please call +44 (0)20 7855 3664 or email contact@rtrworldwide.com