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RTRWorldwide offers a strategic approach to working with clients from pre-production and development through to post production to maximise budget, speed, accuracy and efficiency

Complimentary research and guidance to ensure your project’s requirements are met effectively

Unlike virtually any other archive in the world the majority of RTRWorldwide footage is already cleared for rights. (Where necessary RTRWorldwide provides support and guidance on any further rights and clearance required)

Flexible pricing and licensing structure ensures all budgets and projects can utilise this vast resource

Bespoke research from RTRWorldwide

RTRWorldwide can provide advice and guidance when sourcing suitable materials for any project across all media platforms.  Our knowledgeable team will search through the Russian archive to ensure you are provided with materials that effectively fit both your brief and budget

Expert guidance from RTRWorldwide

RTRWorldwide’s knowledgeable team can suggest powerful content that is currently not available via the website.  Much footage has never before been seen outside the Russian Federation

Archive Content


The Archive  - A new educational resource now easily available

The third largest Archive (of any type) in the world and a world treasure
In 1998 the archive was included in the State Register of the most precious objects of the cultural legacy of the people of the Russian Federation by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation
Approximately 20 times larger than other equivalent Archives
A wonderful resource of motion content featuring footage from the early 1880’s up to 1992
Brings authenticity to any project for maximum impact
Includes a vast array of aerials, establishing shots, classical music and dance, unique moments in history and hard to find footage from some of the greatest moments of the 20th Century

Footage highlights include:

Creative content for interactive and digital platforms as well as traditional media formats

Extensive collection of arts footage with the rights included

Extensive collection of full and stop motion animation for children of all ages

Extensive collection of stills and audio material available

All content can be digitised and fully restored and supplied in HD

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