Arts & Culture Showreel

Showreel Description

Our Arts and Culture Showreel features a small sample of the wonderful cultural gems now available to you

Long and short clips, programmes and whole series are available

7,340 musical performances

Public and private performances from the world famous Bolshoi and Mariinsky (formerly known as the Kirov) ballet companies

Hundreds of Operas including both world famous and exceptionally rare performances

Large orchestral and more intimate classical concerts featuring works by composers such as Glinka, Prokofiev Rachmaninoff, Repin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Shostakovich, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky

Behind the scenes footage of rehearsals, including interviews with the 20th Century’s greatest performers

Programmes profiling some of Russia’s most celebrated composers and performers

Programmes showcase the private rooms and jewels in the Hermitage.  Visit rooms never usually open to the public and gain access to some of Russia’s priceless treasures

Rock and pop concerts featuring Western artists appearing in Russia before the fall of the iron curtain

Library Contents

The below lists represent a small sample of the contact available. Please contact us (link to if you wish to view items or cannot see listed what you are looking for

All Mussorgsky Materials
Complete List Of Ballet Materials
Mussorgsky-Ravel materials
Popular Ballets
Stravinsky Studio Musical Recordings From 1962
Tchaikovsky Songs
Piano Recitals
Prokofiev Compositions
F. Shalyapin Materials
List of French Artists
List of S. Prokofiev Materials 1 of 2
List of S. Prokofiev Materials 2 of 2
N. A. Rimskiy-Korsakov Materials
Svyatoslav Richter Materials
Violinist - V. Repin Materials