Space Showreel

Showreel Description

Our Space Showreel features a small sample of some of the ground breaking footage now available to you

Long and short clips, programmes and whole series are available

Footage includes the development of the Soviet space programme from the 1930s.

Discover a rich array of powerful footage capturing Russia’s space launches throughout the 20th Century.  Learn the secrets behind decades of cosmic exploration from global pioneers in this industry

Hilights include

  • The testing of the very first centrifuge
  • The launch of the first and second satellites in Space – Sputnik 1 and 2 (1957)
  • The launch of Laika, the first animal in space (1957)
  • The build up and launch of the first man in space in 1961- Yuri Gagarin and his subsequent world tour
  • The first probe launched to Mars (1962)
  • The first Space Station opened - Salyut 1 (1971)
  • The first permanently manned space station to open, Mir (1986)
  • Many hours of interviews with Russia’s top space scientists and astronaughts

Library Contents

The below lists represent a small sample of the contact available. Please contact us (link to if you wish to view items or cannot see listed what you are looking for

Gagarin 3 materials
Gagarin 2 materials
Gagarin 4 materials
Gagarin 6 materials