War Showreel

Showreel Description

Our War Showreel features a small sample of some of the most powerful footage ever captured during the largest, bloodiest battles of the 20th Century.
Long and short clips, programmes and whole series are available

  • Footage shows the darkest days of WWI and WWII including material shot on the front line and in the trenches
  • Operation Barbarossa as seen by the Soviets in 1941
  • WWII bombing by the allies
  • Air strikes over Germany
  • The Russians entering Berlin in the final moments of WWII
  • Footage from Hitler’s bunker as shot by the Soviets after they entered
  • The signing at Yalta by the allies in 1945
  • Footage includes materials on every major conflict from the 20th Century

Explore the world events that have altered and shaped the future from another perspective, using footage that until now has been extremely difficult to access

Library Contents

The below lists represent a small sample of the contact available. Please contact us (link to contact@rtrworldwide.com) if you wish to view items or cannot see listed what you are looking for

Hitler's Bunker